The confrontation to the elements, travel, collaborations, we are advancing. But our main demands are the same: offer a generous street theater that caters to all, play in transforming public space, mixing our basic materials: a poetic and human writing, the flame in all its forms, iron , sound, humor.

Scenography of our shows and fire installations is often large-scale, while leaving place at the intimate, emotion, the sense, freedom.

- F.N.A.R. -

Network of individuals and structures that make up the landscape of street arts, the National Federation of Street Arts brings together professionals in their diversity and form a group of active and varied skills.

Circulation space of ideas and information, discussion and debate, as well as a pressure group, the Federation promotes ethics and common interests related to the specificity of creation in public space.


Atypical Liaisons, crazy dream of Les Attaches !!

The collective Les Attachés offers a day of festivities at the Château de la Mercerie.

Spend a family day around activities that will allow space for a moment to dream, think and live together.


Initially, Benoît Quero, founder and director of Spectaculaires “falls” by a coincidence of bricolage in manufacturing decorations.
These decorations naturally call the highlighted …

Thus, along the way, and thanks to dazzling meetings (especially with Henry Alekan) a project, a team is put on with the idea of ​​working in the world of entertainment and services to the event …


French first network dedicated to world music, Zone Franche is a cross-organization that brings together all categories of actors in the sector: festivals, halls, labels and publishers, artists’ representatives, media, cultural associations, markets, etc.