The Siloscope : an hybrid commonplace

It’s all new, all warm and REZOrue participates! So we very proud to announce that we are part of the first co-users of a new agri-cultural place: The Siloscope.

Located in Cherveux close to Niort (FR-79), an agricultural wasteland – a grain silo, we will invest sooner shared offices, but there are also workshops, a large fitted room, storage space, and a programming 4 times per year.

Meanwhile the website, one can already follow on their FACEBOOK page

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Le Siloscope

Quelques dates

Bientôt à jour ! Udapte soon ! Actualiza pronto !

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BANDAKADABRA : a strong brassy slap in the face !

Wow, a ska rock and balkan brass band really innovative, and an impressive level of playing !

It still happens sometimes to be surprised, and that’s good ! This time it was in England – in the International Brass Festival in Durham city – and  this band of talented musicians have bluntly “glued” everyone …

These Italians guys are in tour all over the world, and we understand why !

To discover in 2016 with
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