O beautiful summer past…

A promise made, a promise kept ! Our artists were back on the road this summer and the public was there to celebrate this newfound freedom. In every possible and (almost !) imaginable form, they were able to distil the promised emotions. And it’s not over yet ! We are expanding our catalogue with new artistic proposals (Le Bal Lurette, Jérémy Dutheil, Yellow Bounce, Najma…) and the emotions are still promising ! Let’s promise it to ourselves ?

5 October 2022See all news

Quelques dates

  • 20/10/23 Nantes (44)
    Boris Viande - Boris Viande
  • 02/11/23 YouTube
    Yellow Bounce – quintet - Yellow Bounce – quintet
  • 04/11/23 Rouen (76)
    Najma - Najma
  • 18/11/23 Dijon (21)
    Boris Viande - Boris Viande
  • 02/12/23 Niort (79)
    Boris Viande - Boris Viande
  • 07/12/23 Poitiers
    Najma - Najma

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