From two rich cultures, this young and talented tabla player is a phenomenon.

He is the initiator of a new musical expression, tablaboxing“, which mixes traditional trablas and human beat box. He takes us with freshness and virtuosity in a world of varied and innovative sounds on sophisticated rhythms.

At 19, he stands out as one of the best of the new generation of Indian musicians.

Between pleasure and emotion, a real discovery: captivating.



Fondée à Turin en 2005, la fanfare urbaine Bandakadabra s’exerce à un répertoire exubérant qui relie les musiques des Balkans au Jazz, en passant par le Klezmer, les Swings Latinos et le Rock Steady.

Un sens inné de la fête et une virtuosité certaine au service d’un spectacle original et énergétique, qui réunit musique et improvisation comique.

Bandakadabra s’adapte à toutes les  situations !



izOReL‘s compositions are based on sound samples captured in his daily life and mixed with more classical instruments such as guitar, voice or cello.

Musician, singer, songwritter and performer, he frequently plays his compositions in live performances (Cie Caraboose, Cie Delreves,…), and he regularly shares his performances with various musicians.

An emotional sonic universe filled with images that flare up senses, a post-rock epic journey dotted with electro sounds.