BANDAKADABRA : a strong brassy slap in the face !

Wow, a ska rock and balkan brass band really innovative, and an impressive level of playing !

It still happens sometimes to be surprised, and that’s good ! This time it was in England – in the International Brass Festival in Durham city – and  this band of talented musicians have bluntly “glued” everyone …

These Italians guys are in tour all over the world, and we understand why !

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HÔTEL PARTICULIER : onirism in resistance

What a joy to still find art works that ignore the dictates of salable format, opinions of “experts“, and compromises artists!

With HÔTEL PARTICULIER”, the company CARABOSSE invites into a sincere onirism, a collective dream, a beautiful moment of poetry.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hôtel Particulier


Erotic Arab tales 14th century

Cie Haute Voltigewith Martine Fontanille

Martine Fontanille decides to reconsider her favorite show created in 1988.

A woman of today, fifties as a speaker comes to talk us, tell us, wonder, be moved by this text. She recounts the words of Shaharazade and some recipes:
– Recipe for desire exalt
– Recipe for one who has a little member

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contes erotiques - Cie Haute Tension


Aie Aie Aie !

Cie BETTY BLUES – duo of singers caustic and poetic

It is in Aurillac this summer in TIVOLI yard with great collective Rue Barrée , and allowed time spinning … That’s when two women take their keyboard and guitar, and we begin to tease us men and women on our hormonal sensitivities and other outmoded conventions of both sexes. A hit songs and heartfelt texts, we are suddenly one rejuvenated by so fresh and simple sincerity, with 2 strands of girls with a strong character! Thank you girls, good meeting, good show.
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Ma bête noire

duo for a dancer and a horse

A horse and a man in a cage – a giant aviary, a distressed leather sofa in this arena. Dancing the unspeakable that binds us to each other, it base us in the other without ever being able to be confused, to dissolve. Dancing the lacking, his burning, his madness. The risk that there is love on the path of imprudence. A naked horse, freedom of movement, of his impetuosity – his alter ego, his double, his fantasy, his obsession, his bete noire …

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crédit photo © F Chaussebourg



“LIVE Carabosse Tour 2013” is the latest album by the composer izOReL.

Recorded during the tour to Morocco “installations of fire” by Cie Carabosse, this album is the sound memory of a singular universe specially designed by izOReL for ephemeral scenography and inflamed of the famous Street Art company.

We love it! and you? – to discover here: LIVE Carabosse Tour 2013

LIVE Carabosse Tour 2013